Surrounding Ourselves Around Successful People

Surrounding ourselves around people who have reached success is so important. Learning about other peoples life experiences can help us in our own adventures being personal or business.

Another inspiring person is J.K Rowling


While she’s most recognized as the writer behind the world’s beloved fantasy fiction series Harry Potter, author J.K. Rowling’s achievements go far beyond wizards, snitches and muggles.

Before becoming a successful writer, Rowling was struggling to get by. In fact, after a short-lived marriage, Rowling found herself jobless and penniless, writing Harry Potter on napkins at various cafes in Edinburgh, Scotland with her daughter Jessica by her side. Yet, through passion, perseverance and hard work, Rowling eventually found herself on the other side of things. She is now reportedly worth $95 million.

However, she’ll never forget the path she took to get where she is today. Sharing her story of struggle and hardship, supporting charitable foundations and standing up for humanity, Rowling has positioned herself as a role model to all. Through empathy and understanding, she’s imparted inspiration and strength to not only her Harry Potter fans, but to the rest of the world as well


Stay focused, Determined and Committed


I have been posting here now for a few years and most of the posts have been about my own success and how I didn’t give up, how I remained determined and committed. Now I would like to share another story of someone who never quit This is her success story.


Take the Hint:

If Something Bugs You, And You Fix It, You’re an Entrepreneur

By Whitney Johnson (Thinker, Writer, Speaker, Advisor, Doer)


I wish I’d thought of that.

Maybe you’ve had that moment, looking at a product—a super-successful product—and wondering why you couldn’t have been the visionary.

I’m not talking sophisticated electronics here, either. I’m talking products so simple that their invention seems obvious. Anyone could have thought of it—world class genius not required. So why didn’t I?

For me, it’s Velcro. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank because of Velcro, and it isn’t me. But it could have been. I’m smart enough to come up with Velcro. So, I’d wager, are you.

Being first to the empty playing field is the key. And that premier position often results from having a problem and discovering that no one, as yet, has devised a solution.

Solving a problem provides the origin story for a catalog of great little innovations, products that have accumulated over the decades and generations and offer elegantly simple solutions to everyday challenges. We take these for granted in most cases, and forget that once upon a time there was an ‘a ha’ moment behind all of them.

Kara Goldin, finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California, 2017, has one of the better origin stories I’ve heard. Kara is the Founder and CEO of Hint, most famous for Hint Water but now branching out with other offerings, like sunscreen. She’s my guest on Episode 20 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast.

A dozen years ago, Kara was in mid-career shift: she’d left AOL but hadn’t yet settled on a new destination. During this gap she was focused on improving nutrition and health in her home for herself, husband and three children. Sweetened beverages, juice and diet sodas were on their way out the door and a new era of water drinking was dawning. It was not as exciting as it sounds.

In an effort to up the interest level, Kara started chopping up fruit and adding it to water. Let me pause for a moment to ask ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Maybe because it’s the sort of thing I’d do once and think, ‘This is a hassle,’ and move on. A costly error on my part—and yours, if that’s the way you think about problem solving. Hint has annual revenues of over $100 million, and is rapidly expanding. So the sidebar here is advice to self and others to take your problem and its potential solution seriously.

Kara found the constant fruit chopping a little tedious and inconvenient herself. She thought, “Okay, I want to go the grocery store and grab this really quick. When I’m running to take my kids to the park, I want it in a bottle.”

She looked in the stores and made a discovery. “The things that were calling themselves water, at that time, had more sugar…than a can of Coke.” Kara had discovered a problem without the solution she was seeking.

One of the markets she searched was her local Whole Foods in San Francisco. “Healthier sort of item,” she thought. “Where can I find this product,” she asked a gentleman stocking the shelves. “Is this product out there?” Negative. “If I develop this product will you put it on the shelf?” She accepted his “sure, lady” response as a sort of verbal contract and was on her way.

She was expecting her fourth child and gave herself a deadline: develop the product before the new baby arrived. This is a ridiculous timeline; fortunately Kara was a novice entrepreneur and didn’t know that. She dropped the first cases of Hint Water at Whole Foods en route to the hospital, reminded them of their commitment, which they had forgotten, and drove on to the maternity ward, not realizing that she had just launched a disruptive business into the beverage industry. Big day.

Post-partum was a busy, exciting time. “Whole Foods was a first stop and then we continued to grow in stores, primarily in the San Francisco Bay area, and then we got a phone call from Google when they were first starting out. ‘Listen, we’re going to be stocking our kitchens with healthy and better-for-you-products and we’d love to give Hint a try.’ There’s…at the time, like 60 people in Google, and I said, ‘Sure, I’ll sell you some product.’” She kept selling, Google kept expanding. Then came Amazon. Subscription selling. Direct selling. Now there are new products in development. Hint has barely begun to tap the potential of its market.

Twelve years is not a long time, but in the last 12 a lot has changed. There were some opportunities then that are different from today. We can’t be the first player at this particular playing field now, so we shouldn’t try to do what Kara Goldin has already done. But there is no shortage of problems to be solved.

So What’s bugging you?




Own Business More Detailed Risk Assessment

My Business Risk Assessment example in more detail.


A risk is anything that can prevent us from bringing in our daily, weekly, monthly yearly cash flow.

Potting Media
Our propagation media only contained 2 products plus nutrients

When we first started we had a potting media supply company mix and deliver our propagation media to us as we needed it. I soon found that the quality was so inconsistent and did not meet our requirements most times.
They had to make the media to my specifications which I had discovered after 7 years of trying different products and ingredients. My mix helped to give us a 98% strike rate on one of the hardest plant varieties to propagate in the world, so when I had to do up a risk assessment this one was first to be added to my list of risks.

I used a coir peat and perlite in my media, but I found out after years of trialling and thousands and thousands of plant losses that there are coir peat’s and there are coir peat’s.

The plants that we specialised in propagating required an acidic reading media. If the media had a reading that was PH then disaster all round, there was no room for errors here more specifically they like a reading of around 5.5- 5.6. Coir peat comes from Coconut Trees. Coconut trees grow mostly in tropical coastal areas. It can also be found growing in tropical areas around fresh water lakes. We never purchased coir peat from suppliers who purchased from coastal suppliers, but we sourced out suppliers around fresh water lakes.

So you can see how you can start a simple Risk assessment and it will grow as you start to do it, because in each risk you recognise there will be more risks such as:
So I now that I need a specific coir peat with a specific Acidic reading. Unfortunately there were not many suppliers around whose peat could meet our requirements but we were fortunate. A lack of suppliers would recognise another risk.
Now look at the results that come just from this requirement of an Acidic reading-

Cleanliness was also a major concern for us as we were an accredited Nursery within the Nursery and Garden Industry. To become accredited you have to have very high standards in all aspects of your Nursery. For example our tubes were not allowed to sit on the ground, they had to sit on benches a certain height off the ground, to prevent contamination, elimination of fungus and pests and diseases. To maintain our accreditation we had regular random inspections performed by The Nursery and Garden Industry Association. We needed to maintain our Accreditation so we could continue to ship our tube stock to every state of Australia. A Bio Security requirement. Bio Security had to do an inspections of every tube stock delivery that left our Nursery. We also had to hold a current Fire Ant Certificate. This cleared us from being near a fire ant out break, but this was reviewed and renewed each year before our propagation season started. This required a property inspection by Bio Security to make sure there were no sign of Fire Ant on or within kilometers of our Nursery.

When Couriers picked up our tube stock for delivery to wholesale nurseries around Australia we prevented Trucks from driving onto our property. Why? Because you will see below we identified this as a risk when we did our risk assessment. Trucks can pick up seeds mud etc in the trucks tires. This could contaminate our property or start the spread of weeds.
RISK 1: Media Supply (you will see I have identified risks with risks)
New Risk 1: Supply. Can they supply when I need it? Are they big enough to supply us?
• Risk- Storms, Floods, Tsunami’s, Earthquakes, Cyclones (this could delay delivery for very long periods of time)
• Are they big enough to supply the quantity
Our Solution: Order bulk
New Risk 2 – Bio Security (What will the cleanliness of the coir peat be like? (coir peat media we purchased in earlier days we found weeds, screws, tape and band aids in the media)
• Suppliers dispatch facilities and procedures
(What will the cleanliness of the coir peat be like?)
• How will they transport the coir peat to meet our aseptic requirements?
(by ship and then truck freight company to nursery)
The trucks delivering the coir peat to our nursery was a risk if driving on our property (Bio Security) so we got our tube stock to the front gate where the drivers would then load them onto their trucks
Couriers and Transport is a Risk Heading on its own as everything we purchase for our Business is shipped by couriers or truck freight companies.
Our Solution: We stopped all trucks large and small from driving on our property. All deliveries and pickups were done at our front gate.

Once we found a Supplier we were sent a sample of their coir peat in the form of bricks that then
had to be expanded in water. This was perfect because we expanded it as we needed it so we were
using fresh coir peat all the time.
Our Solution: We requested that our bulk delivery of coir peat bricks be put onto strong pallets up from the ground and that whole pallet of coir bricks including the pallet be covered in many layers of clear heavy duty plastic (not easily ripped or torn) so that that pallet didn’t need to be unpacked to pass through quarantine.

• Coir Peat PH reading
This is a major risk for us as in season our 3 hot houses held 50,000 plus tube stock, so if the PH reading is Alkaline all the cuttings would die.
Our Solution: each week we expanded enough coir peat bricks for what we needed that week and tested the PH level at the same time. (this is why you need to know your own production level and the production level of each of your staff members) We were very fortunate with our new peat supplier as we have taken many deliveries from them now and they have all been consistent with their specific acidic reading that we required.

Please note this does not include all our risks identified here, but are just a small part to show you how within a risk you will find more risks. A risk assessment will certainly help you in not only putting together your business plan but will form part of your business plan. You will need to keep your risks updated as new risks are identified.
RISK 2: Water
With no water our tube stock would die. They need water very frequently in the hot houses at the striking stage, in the sun hardening areas and for cleanliness, expanding media etc.
Just like our media PH requirement, this is also a requirement for water. Town water is treated with chemicals and these chemicals can make the waters PH reading unsuitable but it can lock up the fertilisers in the potting media resulting in death or poor growth, unhealthy plants.

Then there is the times when local or town water is cut off for a period of time due to pipe upgrades and maintenance. This is out of our control. Loss of supply of water all the time is a major threat to our business.
Our Solution: to our water problems was the installation of large rain water tanks which caught the rain off all our work buildings and the installation of good brand pumps.

• Pumps (new risk)
You can bet if there is going to be a break down it will be on the weekend after everything is closed down for the weekend. This is disastrous.
Our Solution: We purchased a second pump as a spare and extra solenoid valves which automatically switched the water on and off.

• Irrigation pipes sprinklers pipe joiners and clamps
These would break slip pop or whatever else. In the heat the poly pipes would expand and become quiet soft. Which would break plastic clamps causing the pipes to separate. This would be fatal for any stock in your nursery.
Our Solution: We always had good stock levels of spare new pipe and fittings. We didn’t use plastic claps we used stainless steel clamps. We also buried all the pipes under the ground keeping the water in the pipes cooler and addressing Work Place Health and Safety as far as someone tripping over the hoses lying above the ground.

RISK 3: Electricity
What can I say here no electricity everything and I mean everything dies, all our tube
stock in all the hot houses 50,000 plus tube stock.
Our Solutions: Generators was one solution, but what happens on a weekend when no staff or your are not at work then the generator cannot switch on automatically. It had to be
manually switched on. So we had a radio playing all the time as soon as the staff arrived and until early evenings, if the radio stopped while we were working the staff then had a drill for eg open hot house doors to let the hot air out, use hoses and lightly spray the tubes keeping a fine mist on the leaves all the time until power is restored. (Team work)

RISK 4: Pests and Diseases
• If our stock plants or tube stock are affected by pests and diseases this can prevent our
tube stock from being allowed to be shipped off our property. This would prevent us from
supplying our clients orders causing a very big loss to them. No cash flow for them and no
cash flow for us.
Our Solution: At the start of each propagation season we very hard cut back our stock
plants (prunning) and fertilised them. Pests tend to breed and hide in the bark on the older wood of the plants. Cutting them back hard allowed lovely new young growth that we would cut off each week and this was our cutting material.
Each staff member was trained in the identification of pests and diseases and we also
created and implemented our own Industry Accredited Pest Management Program which
helped us to eliminate pests and diseases from our Nursery in a safe and natural way
without the harsh use of chemicals/pesticides.
This formed a major topic in our Business Plan as well
RISK 5: Staff
• Casual staff off sick or requesting holidays are the biggest pain for employers.
All our staff were employed on a casual basis, because our propagation season was only 7 months of the year. Also our propagators were skilled in propagating our plant lines taking many months to train someone. It was hard to have a back up trained staff sitting at home waiting to be called in.
Our Solution: we reduced our casual staff hours from 6 hours a day to 4 hours a day and
put on an extra propagator to address staff shortage.
• Staff work safety
Our Solution: We created our own Industry Accredited Work Place Health and Safety

Staff safety is also a very big topic, and a risk, because our staff could of injured them-
selves while cutting the material off the stock plants either tripping over hoses or mounds
of dirt or getting sunburnt, the trolleys they wheeled around may hurt their backs,
bending over may hurt their back the list goes on and on. Too long to list them all here,
but you’re your Work Place Health and Safety policy will recognise all your staff risks and
solutions. It will also form a large part of your Business Plan.

I believe the examples I have given here should be sufficient to guide you only into doing up your very own business risk assessment. Your business Risk Assessment should relate to your very own business, whether a bricks and mortar or an online business.

A good Risk Assessment can help you identify things that can happen that would or could prevent you from earning your regular income or cash flow.


Simple Steps To Building Your Business


1. What Time Of The Day Do Your Work Best

Not everyone can work when and where they want to. Some people are more productive and more work attentive in the mornings, while other may be this in the afternoon and evening. It is important for you to know the best time for you to work so that you can then start to plan your work days meeting etc.
You can easily split up your work days too so you may do you’re on the road work in the morning, leave the afternoon free for future planning and training and do the office work at night. This was the one I preferred, I found there was less phone call interruptions at night so my office duties took me half of the time if I had of tried to do them in the middle of the day. Also if you are doing office work in the middle of the day in a busy time if you are interrupted from doing something and you get called away when you come back it is hard to pick up where you left off and then try to continue. This is where often errors are made. So best to choose a quiet time or place to do this tasks each day.

2. Using A Diary

Keeping a Diary will keep you on tract of your time allowing you to see where more activities can be added in your day or in the following weeks and months. This way you eliminate wasted time.
IMPORTANT- Make sure you get into the habit of using and entering everything into your diary, phone calls you need to make, meetings, office time, personal or family commitments, even your free time.

When choosing a diary avoid buying one with just a small space for each day, try to find the money to buy a diary with a full page for each day with every 30 minute entries or every hour entries. That way you can see exactly what spare time you have helps you to stick to your plan and helps you to manage your time wisely.

I then incorporate my each days To DO List into each day of my Diary. Some diaries have a notes section where you can write your daily To Do List’s however I use little stick it notes and stick it or paper clip it to the top of each diary page, because these are my 5 or 10 most important things I need to do on that day. They should also be written into your diary at the time you are doing that taske. Anything not completed on your To Do List should be carried over to the next day’s To DO List but should now be on the Top of that list. Your To Do List cannot be made up too far ahead but should be reviewed the day before to make sure nothing has come along that is more important. If you feel you are not managing to do all the things on your To Do List then try cutting it down to just 5 or 3 each day until you learn how to use them confidently.

3. Making Your Business A Commitment

Be prepared to eat, sleep, think, your business. If you have that desire to be successful in your chosen business then you will find you will be thinking about it while you are eating sleeping, driving, playing relaxing every minute of the day your brain will be visualising it being successful, you will be seeing yourself working towards your dream, you will be planning your short and long term plans for your business. I have never been one to take holidays while building a business. I have ways put my Business family and staff a huge priority. I couldn’t afford to close my business for holidays, my clients wanted a commitment of supply to them so I just kept working building my business. This too is what you have to do. Once you have it all set up and staff fully trained, you will know when you are able to take time off and leave your staff to run things for you while you are away. Just remember there is always someone else wanting to jump into your shoes.
4. Manage Your Time Wisely

Many times you will be asked to do things for family, friends, relative’s, associates or customer’s. No one likes saying NO, but sometime it is necessary but if you must say NO, then try saying I can’t at the moment but how about we do this at such and such a time. See if you can come up with an alternative date and or time, or maybe schedule it in your quiet part of the day. Your family would rather have you without any interruptions, so make family time quality time, quantity time will not be important to your family, but they would rather the time that your spend with them to be quality time. Your customers will love to see you busy and committed to your business and will be happy for you to set a time and date to suit you both better. A little compromising goes a long way in this area.
5. Plan Head

People who fail to plan, plan to failCompleting a simple risk assessment can help you in your planning, in fact it will form the base of your business plan

I did have a Financial Advisor who I consulted when I got out of my league or when I needed more legal or formal advice. Other than that I did my own Business Plans and Risk Assessments because no one knew my Business like I did, I knew it better than anyone else, so why pay someone thousands of dollars to do yours for you. Doing it yourself you will find out so much about your business that you didn’t already know, also you will learn every aspect of your Business, you will learn every risk to your business that could prevent you from earning your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly income. Once you know what all those risks, you can then put proceedure’s into place so as to avoid any income loss.

I cannot stress this enough a good plan and a Risk Assessment is so crucial to your business, being a bricks and mortar business or online business. Your staff should also be made aware of any risks to your business.

I get many questions on this Risk Assessment so I can see myself putting together a special number of posts just on Risks assessment that will help everyone to complete their own Risk Assessment. I will start work on this next week so keep an eye out for this coming soon.

5 Simple steps and if you manage to master how to do these, then you will acquire wealth, not in money only but wealth in knowledge about your own business, staff respect and admiration, personal development, personal growth, you will be highly self-motivated, very positive, reassured just to mention a few rewarding benefits.




I have mentioned in previous posts, that to become successful we must have determination, desire, motivation just to mention a few and we must be consistent. Being consistent is so very powerful on its own and should apply to everything we do every day.
I have not been consistent in my posting recently and for that I apologise, but I have also advised you in earlier posts to understand what your priorities are, in which my priorities has been my family and in assisting with the care of my frail elderly mother. We have had a very close special relationship where we both bonded even more when my father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, he was given just 3 months to live. My dad was just 56 years old.
In September 1984 my Mum and Dad now retired travelled to Qld in their F100 which thy called “The Beast” which was towing their caravan which they called “Beauty” so their travelling train become known as Beauty and the Beast. Dad spent a good 2 years getting the caravan and the F100 ready for driving around Australia, a dream of theirs for many years. They decided to do a short trip to test their travel rig to make sure everything was operational before embarking on a long trip, so Qld it was. I was thrilled to have them stay with me. I decided to take them to Bribie Island one day which was only about a 30 minute drive from my place, I knew my Dad would love it as he and I did a lot of fishing together over the years.
So impressed with Bribie Island, Mum and Dad drove their rig there the next day as they were able to book a site at a caravan park right on the passage where dad could put his boat in the passage very easily. They were so excited about Bribie Island so excited they decided to buy a house while they were there that they could use as a base.
The first week of October they travelled home to sell the farm so they could move to Bribie Island. Just a week after they left for home Dad rang me one night and told me he had a sore back and went to the doctor to get it checked out. This is the night I received that phone call we all hope we will never receive. My Dad told me he had inoperable cancer and that he had been given 3 months to live. I wasted no time to get packed (can’t remember doing any of this though) and I caught a bus down to their farm South of Sydney on the Southern Highlands. Dad didn’t want to be hospitalised nor did he want treatment. He just wanted to spend his last days at home on his farm with his family.
I was a nurse and my mother was a triple certificate nurse so the 2 of us cared for Dad at home. Through this Mum and I shared some very personal emotional moments and formed a bond that could and will never be broken. Dad deteriorated very quickly and was just a couple of weeks and he couldn’t walk. I remember spending hours on the phone trying to find wheel chairs we could hire and lots of different type of food which the doctors had recommended. Mum and Dad owned and lived on a farm which was 40 acres and had a herd of Murry Grey cattle.
I remember one day when going to town to buy groceries that there was one of our little calves on the side of the road. I pulled over and stopped the car and got out to investigate how it got out and there was a large whole in the fence. Wobats cause massive damage to not only fences but cars or anything. They are very solid and strong.

When I returned home from shopping I hooked up the tractor and trailer and all the fencing equipment and headed to the damaged fence where it took the remainder of the day to fix.
I also remember the day one of Dads Murry Grey’s was about to give birth and each calf had to be tagged and documented. Dad asked me to watch her this day because sometime they can have problems with their birth and tractor and chains may be needed if this is the case. I had her in a separate paddock to the other cows as my dad recommended, and I could see she was uncomfortable but she just slowly walked up and down the paddock grazing every now and then. After me walking about 50 laps of this paddock along side of this cow I decided to take rest and sat on a log under this magnificent gum tree while keeping a close watch on the cow. The next thing the cow stopped walking turned her head a looked at me as if to say well aren’t you coming with me, then she turned around came over to where I was sitting on the log and in front of me laid down and proceeded to give birth right in front of me. I was in total shock, I have never experienced anything like this in all my life, this tiny beautiful little calf had arrived and its Mum was as proud of punch. I immediately stood up and in gum boots and overalls I rang up as graciously as I could to tell Dad the good news. He asked what did she have and I forgot to look didn’t I so down I ran back to the new baby and mother to check that out too. Just another life experience that made this whole horrible thing precious to me.
Mum and Dad put the farm on the market as soon as Dad found out he had in operable cancer but he wanted to repaint the butters and down pipes. Another new experience for me as I had not really done much painting in my earlier years but he entrusted me with this job. My Brother had his 21st Birthday on December 10th so Dad wanted him to have his 21st Birthday at the farm for family, relatives and friends as we all did. This was a lot of organising especially when a lot of time was spent caring for Dad as now he was full on care day and night. Mum and I had to take shifts at this stage I did the night shift, while that allowed Mum to be here when the doctor called each day. Dad was on pain relief injections every 4 hours. My brother Rod had a great 21st Birthday party on the 10th December 1984 with all his friends relatives and family. Dad enjoyed listening to every ones laughter and jokes throughout the party. Dad held on with ll his might to see Rod’s 21st Birthday. Dad passed away on the 13th December at his home with me by his side.
I stayed with Mum another couple of months after the funeral when I returned to Qld and my job which I was lucky to still have. The farm eventually sold and Mum moved to her home at Bribie Island. Because of Mum and I shared through this experience and the closeness we had created we did everything together now, we became more like best friends we had no secrets, but we had the greatest respect for each other. Dad asked me just before he passed away if I would look after Mum. Well yes I am doing it for Dad but also for Mum as I love her so much.

So life is not about the fast lane all the time, and it doesn’t matter how successful we come, these hard  painful times will cross all our paths one day, and it is through this that we become more tolerant, more compassionate and sensitive to the needs of other people.
You will never get over losing a parent or family member, it is with you every day but having wonderful memories helps to make it a little easier.
Enjoy your family while you have them and I am enjoying every minute I have with my Mum because I know I will not have her for much longer as she becomes more frail every single day.

Controlling And Eliminating Stress

How Can we Control or Eliminate Stress

Working from home, building an online Business, or working a bricks and Mortar Business can at the best of times can be empowering, liberating, exciting and profitable. At the worst times they can be anxiety-ridden, stifling, and stressful.
There is no such thing as good stress or bad stress. STRESS is still STRESS. As business owners/or developers we need to recognise stress and put procedure’s into place so as to eliminate our stress and the stress on our staff. Knowing how to recognize and be proactive in dealing with stress is an important part of a successful career path for any professional networker and or business owner.
As your Business starts to become successful and you become more in demand, it is very easy to slip into early stages of Stress.
As I was starting up my own Business of which I become CEO of a few years later, having 2 young boys active in all sports and school, I realised very early the importance of becoming organised, selecting the most important tasks to do first and leaving til tomorrow the ones not so important, not leaving everything to the last minute, to mention a few.
There are several reason why business owners may become stressed.

1. You’re stressed because you don’t set priorities.
2. You’re stressed because you don’t manage your time efficiently.
3. You’re stressed because you can’t say no.
6. You’re stressed because you get sucked into the TV/e-mail/blog-reading trap.
7. You’re stressed because you don’t delegate.
8. You’re stressed because you don’t take care of yourself or your health.
9. You’re stressed because you don’t have a support system.
Many other reasons both personal and professional can cause Stress.

Set Your Priorities
Sound all too familiar?
Setting priorities can easily be a solution, because when you have a list of priorities and goals you have a map for your future.
Set one or two business objectives each month and a main goal for the year. Obviously, your main goals when working your business online or bricks and mortar, are going to be gaining new products, customers and recruiting new team members/distributors to your team. These 2 activities: product sales and recruiting.
Set a reasonable and obtainable goal for both of these activities and plan to focus your time on tasks related to achieving them
Here’s a great process for breaking down a large objective into daily, weekly, and monthly priorities:
Start with your yearly objective. Ask yourself,
1. What would have to happen this month to achieve this objective?
2. What would have to happen this week?
3. What would have to happen today?
Once you have defined what needs to happen each day, week, month, and quarter, put those items on your calendar and to-do list and put a big star next to them. Now you know what has to be completed every day before you start answering phone calls or emails.

Manage Time Effectively
Now that you have worked out what your priorities are and have time allocated to that each day, it is not all that has to be done when running your own business. There is the filing, ordering of supplies, paying Invoices, organising staff training and so on.
I found by writing everything down on a list helped me to put everything into perspective, it doesn’t matter if they are big projects, little five minute tasks, or anything, put it all on paper. When you see your thoughts on paper, you can then begin sorting and prioritizing.

Keep track of how long a task takes you
We tend to over estimate how long it takes us to complete unpleasant tasks, and under estimate how long we spend on pleasant items. Get real by writing down the actual time it takes you to do things like file papers, log receipts, and any other tedious task. Then you have a concrete estimate the next time you think, “Oh, that’s going to take all day”

Minimize interruptions
Turn off your email alert noise, put your phone ringer on mute, and clear your desktop before you jump into a task that requires concentration. Fewer interruptions and distractions allow you to get into concentrating. That means you’ll get your work done faster and you will be less stressed. Constant interruptions ultimately result in needing to re-prioritize your day, over and over and over again. You can see how the stress you feel just keeps escalating without minimizing the interruptions each day.

Break down large projects
Big projects can be really overwhelming. When faced with a large project, break it up into smaller tasks that you can complete in one sitting, preferably in under 20 minutes. That way, instead of looking for a free afternoon to tackle the project all at once, you just need to squeeze in 20 minutes here and there until the project is completed.

Take Advantage Of Lost Time
How many times while working do we get up and walk away from what we are doing to have a 5 minute or longer break.
Be honest with yourself now. Commonly known as dead time. It could be waiting in the school car park waiting for your children to finish school, waiting in line at the post office or waiting to take a cake out of the oven or for the kettle to boil. Keep a notebook with a running list of tasks that can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

One thing on my 5 minute task list is to keep in touch with family and friends. Many times I rang my family and friends while waiting in the school car park while waiting for my Son to finish school. Each time you have some of this dead time look at your 5 minute to do list, and do just one thing on that list. You will be surprised how quickly to get rid of all those little tasks that can add to your daily pressures.

Get Back in Control

Running your own business either bricks or mortar or online business bring us a great sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. Having learnt how to reduce some of the work stress and pressures, put on ourselves everyday it is important to recognise the stress we put on ourselves by our own expectations of ourselves and our own work performance and management. As business owners and entrepreneurs we pride ourselves on being able to take charge and drive ourselves to getting the job done, therefore quiet often putting enormous stress and pressure on ourselves.

Never allow yourself to lose control and stay focused on the moment.
Stress comes when we stop focusing on the here and now and start ruminating over the horrible things we wish hadn’t happened yesterday, or about the horrible things we fear will happen tomorrow. By grounding ourselves in the present moment, we will find we’re still alive, still functioning, and still able to make decisions. Once we lose sight of that fact, though, the stress seeps in. This may be difficult for some people, because they don’t believe they can control their thoughts. And my favourite, repeating over and over again positive phrases and thoughts, can also give you the confidence to stay in control.

Stress also comes when we are afraid we can’t handle the major issues we’ve created for ourselves, when we doubt our own ability. If our supplies don’t arrive tomorrow. Then What? If all our staff came down with a virus at the same time. Then What? Well having a risk assessment done up you would already have in place procedures for handling these scenarios therefore eliminating any stress. There is always a solution to every problem, we just have to be prepared to look for it.

Simple daily planning along with your to do lists such as:-
Decide how many team members you’ll speak with each day.
Decide how many hours a week you will devote to training.
Determine how many phone calls you’ll make to that prospect who can’t make up their mind, and stick to it.

There are many things that can cause us stress, the important thing is to recognise you are stressed, and try to find out what created that stress. Once you know that you can work on getting rid of that stress straight away.

You Can Do It.


Believe in Your Vision

Believe in Your Vision

I remember when I took my Mum up to a propagation Nursery that was for sale on the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands. We went there with the possibility of buying an already established propagation business, if the price and location was suitable for our requirements. For far too many reasons the location wasn’t suitable for us, and I remember standing on a small rise on the property looking down over their beautifully established Business and I said to my Mum. I want to be as big as this propagation nursery one day. Know I said I want to be the biggest and best in Australia. I believed right there and then that I would have it one day – and I could picture what it looked like. She asked why I thought that and I couldn’t explain it, I just believed it. I believed I could do anything I wanted to do if I believed I could and if I was prepared to do what ever I had to, to do it.

The propagation nursery itself really wasn’t what that belief was about – it was about a vision that I believed I was going to become successful. The propagation just represented the culmination of that achievement. It is also following my heart and my love of gardening. I keep that vision with me when things go sideways, upside down or right side up. It helps me keep things in perspective when I am working towards a larger goal – even if I am not sure what that is at times, I just feel it.

I believe, innovation takes risks and it transitions to many different things over your lifetime. When you look at history, nothing stays stagnant. Things are always changing and developing whether it’s music, art, technology, business, etc. It never stays the same. It takes people to come along to push for transition to take things to the next step. I believe each person was put here for a purpose to make those changes and take those risks even if each person hasn’t identified what that purpose is yet. It’s important to understand what your purpose is and believe in yourself so that we all benefit. Many times we don’t even notice the changes until they have already occurred and we look back and can’t believe how much has changed in a short period of time.
Part of believing in yourself is allowing space to make transitions for another generation to come through, to keep evolving our own creativity. You can’t stay the same or stagnant, everything must grow and change. Sometimes things come to an end to push you to take the next right path – rather than looking at change or endings as a bad thing – instead look at it as your next thing you were meant to be or to do.

Unleashing your creativity without listening to other people’s judgement is really important in achieving your vision. If you believe in it, do it. When I was a young girl then young teenager I was fully into sport – high jumps, swimming and men’s basketball. I believed when I was high jumping that I could do this, and become successful at high jumping. I ended up representing the school in Canberra for high jumping. Swimming, I remember standing on the starting block, and I remember the adrenaline rush that I would have before hearing the starting gun go off. I truly believed that I was not only going to win my race but to be the best. I did go on to represent my school in swimming. Basketball – I truly believed I was going to play at professional level. I represented the district in men’s basketball and was asked to participate at state selections.
What happened before my success at these sports was I began to believe that if I didn’t do high jumping, I wouldn’t be able to high jump, if I didn’t do swimming, I wouldn’t be able to swim, and if I didn’t play basketball I wouldn’t be able to play basketball.

So what I did was I practiced and trained before and after school my feet were sore and full of blisters, my school work was a lot to be desired and was becoming neglected but I had my new visions to work on. Everything is achievable, it’s about going after it, having a vision, putting your mind into action and not feeling there is a right way or wrong way to do it. It’s all a journey.

Creativity doesn’t need to be taught – it’s from within and it resonates with the eye of the beholder. It’s what touches you and may not for someone else. All you can do is keep putting yourself out there and not let others keep you down because of their own insecurities. There is plenty of judgement from those around you – even if people don’t know you – it’s amazing how many people have opinions about you that don’t know you or your circumstances. I have encountered that plenty in my career. Not sure why people take up space in their heads passing judgement, but it’s typically out of their own insecurities of what they have done to limit themselves.
Living your life in the way that best fits you is all that matters and learn to shut out the rest of the noise as best you can.

In order to imagine new ideas you need to create space so you can explore what’s next to come. If there is no space to allow for new ideas, you won’t be able to do it. I find when I exercise, walk slow down, I can solve a problems that I couldn’t solve before. That is because there wasn’t space for it until I allowed for it. It’s also important to have the strength to let go of things that aren’t working. You try and try and then you realize you keep pushing against the same thing and are not solving the issue. In these times we need to have the ability to scrap an idea or concept and move on or decide to change how we go about accomplishing the same thing in a different way. That’s innovation – but it needs space to breathe and grow so we can learn from it.

There are certain things that take over me, my soul, where time flies by and I lose myself – family, swimming, fishing, gardening and listening to music to name a few. So when things gets tough, that’s why I don’t stop trying or throw in the towel because I put my whole self into what doesn’t feel like work, but what is innate in me. Rather than resisting what feels right for you, go toward it, rather than holding yourself back. Many times, I don’t have the line of sight of what that next goal to conquer is going to be – but I continue to wade through the darkness toward it until I find it.

Remembering to allow yourself space and grow with what you learn – which is mostly from what fails – will hopefully make each of us stronger and closer to achieving the vision we set out to conquer. If it wasn’t a journey, it wouldn’t feel so good when we have the wins. Believing in that feeling in your gut and shutting out the noise will help when things seem to collapse at the seams. When things go dark for me, I step back and try to understand what it is trying to tell me and why so many things are going wrong. There is usually a message in there if I make the space to listen to it so I can keep innovating and creating. Believe in yourself, your talents and block the noise.
Stay true to the vision you have for yourself so you can achieve all that you want.

Have a great day full of your own visions



How Do We Handle Negativity

Have you seen friends and or colleagues starting to become Negative in their comments and attitude.

Well, I  know exactly how aggressive these negative people will become or already are.

Their problem is that they are reading, believing and now parroting the negative people they are following and so perpetuating false information.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about the negative bloggers of the world. They choose to believe this rubbish because they want to, it is easier for most people to believe the worst of everything, instead of the best. Why do you think the nightly News programs are so popular, because they are full of lies and negativity, only rarely is there a positive story and watch the expression on the presenters faces while they deliver it, derision, as if they were talking about the tooth fairy.

Did you know that when Franchises’s were first introduced negative bloggers exactly like these people tried to have it outlawed. Why? Because it was new and they did not understand it.

We will never change these peoples opinions, because they don’t want to listen to facts, even when they are proved wrong they will still argue. I will not waste my time even trying to change their opinions, negativity is their drug, negativity is poison. They don’t understand it and don’t want to.

Tim Sales a well know MLM entrepreneur has the following article that sums it up beautifully.

most of the bad public relations we’ve received was from either people who didn’t (and still don’t) know anything about the industry, or people who have failed at MLM and now talk badly about it.

Three Different Authors

Basically, there are three types of authors of content:
1.They’ve never done what they’re writing about
2.They’ve done it and failed
3.They’ve done it and succeeded.

Note: My use of the word “author” includes both written and spoken communication. Which is to say ANYONE who says or writes anything!

1. The Author Who Has Never Done MLM

Newspaper, magazine and television writers and reporters rarely have done MLM. Their information comes from hearsay and as an “outsider looking in.” Attorneys and even many professors often give advice on activities they’ve never done. The majority of the books at the book store are from authors who have never done what they’re authoring about. They can write (or speak), but can not succeed at doing it.

Their advice is rarely good because it’s based on invention, another’s opinion or hearsay. This problem gets compounded when one hears something…and repeats what they heard from the media. Now there are two layers of people who have never done it; but think they know about it. People who have never done or succeeded at it can not possibly place the correct importance on the subject! You can always identify authors who have never done it because their content is slightly (or grossly) off the main subject.

As an example, I read a website that wrote several pages about how MLM could not mathematically work. What?! That’s like debating the “fact” that “scientifically” a bumblebee can’t fly. Has it ever occurred to that author To LOOK? The oldest MLM company is still growing after 50 years!

A large amount of the negative public relations in MLM has come because too many people who have no real data on MLM make statements that other people believe because the author “appears” real; which they shouldn’t.

2. The Author Who Failed at MLM

When someone has failed at what they write or talk about, it is common for them to be critical (inclined to find fault with) of the activity and those who do the activity. Why? Because something about the subject is a complete mystery to them and they feel a little [or a lot] inadequate. They obviously couldn’t figure out some part of it – otherwise they wouldn’t have failed!

As an example, let’s take a person who tried MLM but didn’t succeed at it. Because he has a little knowledge about the subject he can say, “I’ve done MLM and it doesn’t work!” He’ll typically state “what’s hard,” “wrong,” or “dangerous” about MLM Why? Because he never figured it out and someone who succeeds at it proves his inadequacy on the subject of MLM

His worst nightmare is people succeeding at MLM. If he knew exactly why he failed at it, he may zero in on that part and write (or state) negatively about it. Perhaps he’d talk about how the upline makes all the money (which is the same in every industry). But normally he doesn’t know why he failed so he tries to make EVERYTHING about MLM wrong – including anyone who does MLM.

Warning: There are always more people who fail than succeed at every activity – so the general comments (written and spoken) on any activity will be negative. Now you know why someone would write, “so few people succeed at ______,” and then they go on and advise you, “not to do it.”

Do not take advice from people who’ve failed at what they author about – they have an axe to grind and they don’t want you to succeed at what they failed at. As if your success proves their inadequacy on the subject. The more people who succeed at it, the more fire-spitting mad they get about it. By the way, often they say things like, “I’m just trying to protect you.”


3. The Author Who Succeeded at MLM

If an author has done and succeeded at the activity they author about, they are a valuable asset to you and their advice is worthwhile. They know what is important and what’s not important about the subject.

Please notice there is a vast difference between someone who has been “educated” on a subject versus someone who can DO the subject successfully. Just because a person has studied a subject, doesn’t mean they can do it. A beautician can study all about hair – that doesn’t mean she can cut hair. A psychiatrist may have been able to listen to her teachers and may have been able to read the required text books and may have even been able to pass a state board examination on the subject – but can she fix another person’s problems? If she can’t, don’t take her advice!

A student who has been educated on a subject has only proven that she can be a successful student. She has not proven she can DO THE SUBJECT. So don’t be snowed by someone who says, “I’ve been a student of the industry for 23 years.” They have not proven they can actually do MLM.

Author type number three is the person you should accept advice from on any subject you’re researching. If you want to fail, take advice from one who has failed.

In a nutshell, those people who have never done MLM and those who have failed at it are the ones who have created the bad public relations and have confused people about the industry.

If a person listens to author type number one or two and hears something “bad,” they should ask author type number three about it. Author type three (the person who has succeeded at it) can put everything into perspective.

I hope this helps you to understand where the bad public relations comes from and how you can correct it.
Never Ever Quit, quitting is for loosers



Our Precious Life Experiences

It has been some time since I have posted anything, for that I am sorry but I have always believed in getting your priorities right. Our priorites change as we move through our journey of life. My first priority has always been family.

This year has been the most trialling, exhausting, frustrating, depressing but one that I will never want to erase from my life. In fact I will cherish this year and all that it has bought into my families life.

My youngest Son having turned 18 this year was successful in getting his learners. We have head many well I think if I say hairy raising experiences that may be an understatement, but I have watched him become a safe courteous driver over the last 12 months. He is also doing his last year in Year 12, was elected as house Captain at the start of the Year adding to his already very busy year. I am so proud of my son as he accepted his role as house Captain with 150 % attitude, and was determined to help not only  the children in his own House but every student in their school to have a go, do your best. His enthusiasm to everyone was amazing and it was his attitude and support that led his house to coming 2nd in both the Atheletics and Swimming Carnival. I was so proud as I watched all the junior school kids come running up to him for encouragement and a high five.

Well young boys mature and that is what my young son did as we watched him participate in the year 12 formal.

My youngest son now has a Career path, what every parent wants for their children.

All year I have been looking forward to the no more school runs of which I have been doing for 26 years including Kindy and Preschool, but now the time is almost here I am feeling very sad, as these have been the best years of my life.

How many times I hear people say oh I wish this, or I wish that, but I am so appreciative of the life I have been given, the path I have taken and being a Mum and having 3 of the most beautiful boys. I am so Grateful for what I have.

Enjoy your Life, don’t waste in on regrets or wish it away.

I look forward to continuing now to bringing you more information and motivation , so that you too can be grateful for your life and lifes experience’s



Effective Down Line and Team Training

Do You Motivate Your Downline?
How do you get your downline to be not only be more productive – proactive but to stay that way.
Being a great coach is not always easy, and takes time, commitment, dedication, compassion, patience, and understanding just to mention a few.
Being a great coach comes down to first training your downline in what to do—then observing and evaluating them based only on what you trained them to do. Effective training is the only thing that has proven throughout the history of mankind to truly motivate and cause someone to produce more.
You can’t motivate your downline with hype, bribery, scolding or anything else and why would you want to.
People can go to company work- shops and seminars and leave the event super-excited and motivated, but after a day or two – maybe even a week – they’re back to their previous production level.
To get your downline to DO more, to get them to exhibit confidence, cheerfulness, and discipline requires you to do two things;
1. Get them effective and confident at what they do
2. And make it in their interest to do it.

So Effective Training is the Only Thing that Truly Works
You may already be giving them training manuals, doing conference calls, but the test of effective training is not whether you conduct training. It’s whether the student can do it! NOTHING ELSE
You can start some Basic training with your entire down line on these topics or make your own topics
• How to establish goals
• How and what to know to be effective (most of which is on this list)
• How to promote
• What to say to people when they make phone calls
• How to setup appointments
• How to present the business or products
• How to sell the business or products
• How to sponsor people (the correct procedures and sequence)
• How to train new down lines/distributers/sales people.
To get your down line to produce and produce more, you need to get them effective in each one of these areas. When they can do each of these things, they will be motivated because they are effective. They WILL produce because they feel ABLE to produce.
Try creating a slogan for your down line, 3 catchy words that your whole down line will use and respect every day. It could be something like this “ LEARN, PRACTICE, APPLY
Use your own experience to help motivate and train your down lines.
If you have your down line/team members keep a record of how many times he/she does each activity you will recognise what activities your down line are having problems with. This allows you to then coach them on these activities.
If you don’t use this list and try to coach – you’re coaching on what you think the group needs. I’ve observed closely new down lines and found they don’t “engage” into the business until they feel confident in what to say to their prospects. Therefore, they need to know how to do items 1-5 before you have them on the phone.
It doesn’t make sense to know how to do new down line training before they know how to setup  appointments.
I’ve known lots of down lines who have quit and still know the compensation plan.
I have also know plenty of failed down lines who know how to train a new down line/team member yet have never sponsored/referred anyone.
I don’t know a lot of down lines who have quit, who can set appointments and have the prospect show up.

SO, first train your down lines to be able to INVITE, and then train them how to PRESENT, and then train them how to TRAIN.

(another great team slogan INVITE, PRESENT,TRAIN)

Other Items Important in Getting Your Down line to Produce:

Ethical behavior.
People will not follow (or produce for) someone who is unethical or dishonest.

People will follow boldness because they like following in the footsteps of a bold leader.

What does it take to be bold?
You must produce yourself.
Let your down line see you face your fears.
Let them see you make phone calls,
Let them see you do presentations,
Let them see you standing there waiting for your guests.
Be interested in them.
Show your down line that you are interested in their goals.
Put your front line’s goals on your refrigerator.
Talk to them about their goals. This is where the “make it in their interest to do it” comes in.
Be the source of information.
Always be up-to-date on the latest information. This means you stay connected to the company’s source of information.
Also, teach your down line where your sources are – otherwise you will always be stuck with the job.


Teamwork 3

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