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Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.


We Can Never Read Enough

Books Books and More Books


A New Opportunity

Did you know that self improvement and travel are the only 2 industries that continually grow in any economy.


Why have I embraced this opportunity?

Because people like you and me are coming together to help one another achieve their hopes and dreams and in so doing they are creating GLOBAL HAPPINESS

From a Survey it is interesting that the peoples 6 top wants in life are:


1. Want to be Happy

2. Love

3. Better Heath

4. More Money

5. See the World

6. Sense of Purpose


The first want for most people who were surveyed  was They want to be Happy.


Did you know that HAPPINESS actually fuels success?


Did you know Vacations are important for stress relief, productivity and health?


If you want to help make the people around you , your family and friends happier and healthier then you need to check this out.



Crowd Vacations



Starting Your First Blog

The information that I am sharing with you is a guide only but I hope you can use this to conduct your own searches for information on this subject of a Blog site.
There is no right or wrong way in doing up a blog site really however if you don’t get it right it can have a very negative impact on your online or bricks and mortar Business.

In this example I am going to post information as if you were doing up a business blog rather than just a personal blog, but these can be changed to suit any type of blog site.
It is a blog that will begin to attract traffic in order to sell your products or services.
Depending on the results you want to achieve through your blog site and in order for your Blog to be interesting to others, your blog will need to-

• Contain updated fresh content for your visitors
• Be marketed to draw traffic
• Registered with search engines so it can be found in the

How to Start-

I’m assuming you are new to blogging, so first up you will need a blogging platform. I recommend you use a free blogging platform to get started.
Sites like,, and others offer free blogs to users. I use Word Press as it is so user friendly and great to use. Depending on the site you choose, the themes (layout of the site) and plug-ins (added features) will vary. Most will walk you through the process step by step so that you can be up and running in no time.
I will take you step-by-step through the process of starting a blog and as you’ll see, it’s very easy to get started. The steps I give you was with me using WordPress but they should be easily modified to suit your own blogging platform.

Once you have your Blogging platform, do follow the start up steps and guides to customise your own site. You will have a lot of fun doing this. You can use their banners or you can have your own made up. If you don’t have you own banner I use

Before you start posting, decide what will be the theme, or niche of your blog. A jack-of-all-trades type of blog doesn’t do as well as one that is geared towards a certain niche. If you want to focus on product sales, then you might want to make the actual product your niche. Or, you might decide to focus on the business opportunity – so your theme could be about the company you’re with, or you could generalize it more and create a
Simple practices for good Blogging-
blog where you post about freedom and entrepreneurship.
Life gets better by change
Try to create posts that talk about your chosen subject or what would be interesting to people who are looking for information about your subject. Once you have decided on a path, you will find it easy to create that great content.

 If you have found this helpful please like this comment. If it is liked I will do another post which I will call

What is a Blog

What is a Blog?  Having an online presence is not only very popular today but also important for any business, however as a network marketer, we know just how vital it is to the success of our business to have a website that not only tells prospects about us, but also about our products, services …

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