Your Time Is Precious

Many of my posts relate to tips that may help you in running your Business’s. Most of my tips compliment each other such as this post’s topic Your Time is Precious and becoming organised, using To Do Lists, delegating.
Having respect for your time and using it wisely will benefit your Business, you will find you get so more done in your day, and getting things done is called production weather productive or non – productive.
Start with becoming more organised in your personal/home life. As the saying goes “Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today”. Being organised will also eliminate stress allowing you to remain calm and happy, which will enable you to make more responsible business decisions.
It is not always easy to become organised and often it means a few changes for everyone in order for you to implement these organisational activities.
Allocating some of the tasks around the home to family members is a great place to start after all they are benefiting from you working, they are a part of the family and should be expected to help even if just putting the dishes away, or setting the table, making their beds.
In the office give some of your workload to staff members they will delight in the responsibility you entrust on them.
I have had one very strict rule in my office and that is- only handle a piece of paper once. If it is a letter I received I read it, do as it requires me to do, then file it away off the desk. If it is an Invoice I have received in the mail I enter it into my accounting software and file it away.
Avoid time wasters, or doubling up. Also watch the time spent texting, emailing, social networking, and talking on phones. Let your family and friends now that you are working ( even if running a home based Business) but let them know what time you start work and finish, so that they know the best time to contact you.
Treat your business with the same respect as if it was a full time job.
A great start to becoming organised if this is something you find hard to do is by using the To Do LIST. Don’t put too many things on your to do list each day. Start with a few items each day and as you complete them all you can slowly increase the number on your To Do List. It is very important that anything on your To Do List that doesn’t get done on that day becomes the first thing’s on your next day’s To Do List.


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