Our Precious Life Experiences

It has been some time since I have posted anything, for that I am sorry but I have always believed in getting your priorities right. Our priorites change as we move through our journey of life. My first priority has always been family.

This year has been the most trialling, exhausting, frustrating, depressing but one that I will never want to erase from my life. In fact I will cherish this year and all that it has bought into my families life.

My youngest Son having turned 18 this year was successful in getting his learners. We have head many well I think if I say hairy raising experiences that may be an understatement, but I have watched him become a safe courteous driver over the last 12 months. He is also doing his last year in Year 12, was elected as house Captain at the start of the Year adding to his already very busy year. I am so proud of my son as he accepted his role as house Captain with 150 % attitude, and was determined to help not only  the children in his own House but every student in their school to have a go, do your best. His enthusiasm to everyone was amazing and it was his attitude and support that led his house to coming 2nd in both the Atheletics and Swimming Carnival. I was so proud as I watched all the junior school kids come running up to him for encouragement and a high five.

Well young boys mature and that is what my young son did as we watched him participate in the year 12 formal.

My youngest son now has a Career path, what every parent wants for their children.

All year I have been looking forward to the no more school runs of which I have been doing for 26 years including Kindy and Preschool, but now the time is almost here I am feeling very sad, as these have been the best years of my life.

How many times I hear people say oh I wish this, or I wish that, but I am so appreciative of the life I have been given, the path I have taken and being a Mum and having 3 of the most beautiful boys. I am so Grateful for what I have.

Enjoy your Life, don’t waste in on regrets or wish it away.

I look forward to continuing now to bringing you more information and motivation , so that you too can be grateful for your life and lifes experience’s