How Do We Handle Negativity

Have you seen friends and or colleagues starting to become Negative in their comments and attitude.

Well, I  know exactly how aggressive these negative people will become or already are.

Their problem is that they are reading, believing and now parroting the negative people they are following and so perpetuating false information.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about the negative bloggers of the world. They choose to believe this rubbish because they want to, it is easier for most people to believe the worst of everything, instead of the best. Why do you think the nightly News programs are so popular, because they are full of lies and negativity, only rarely is there a positive story and watch the expression on the presenters faces while they deliver it, derision, as if they were talking about the tooth fairy.

Did you know that when Franchises’s were first introduced negative bloggers exactly like these people tried to have it outlawed. Why? Because it was new and they did not understand it.

We will never change these peoples opinions, because they don’t want to listen to facts, even when they are proved wrong they will still argue. I will not waste my time even trying to change their opinions, negativity is their drug, negativity is poison. They don’t understand it and don’t want to.

Tim Sales a well know MLM entrepreneur has the following article that sums it up beautifully.

most of the bad public relations we’ve received was from either people who didn’t (and still don’t) know anything about the industry, or people who have failed at MLM and now talk badly about it.

Three Different Authors

Basically, there are three types of authors of content:
1.They’ve never done what they’re writing about
2.They’ve done it and failed
3.They’ve done it and succeeded.

Note: My use of the word “author” includes both written and spoken communication. Which is to say ANYONE who says or writes anything!

1. The Author Who Has Never Done MLM

Newspaper, magazine and television writers and reporters rarely have done MLM. Their information comes from hearsay and as an “outsider looking in.” Attorneys and even many professors often give advice on activities they’ve never done. The majority of the books at the book store are from authors who have never done what they’re authoring about. They can write (or speak), but can not succeed at doing it.

Their advice is rarely good because it’s based on invention, another’s opinion or hearsay. This problem gets compounded when one hears something…and repeats what they heard from the media. Now there are two layers of people who have never done it; but think they know about it. People who have never done or succeeded at it can not possibly place the correct importance on the subject! You can always identify authors who have never done it because their content is slightly (or grossly) off the main subject.

As an example, I read a website that wrote several pages about how MLM could not mathematically work. What?! That’s like debating the “fact” that “scientifically” a bumblebee can’t fly. Has it ever occurred to that author To LOOK? The oldest MLM company is still growing after 50 years!

A large amount of the negative public relations in MLM has come because too many people who have no real data on MLM make statements that other people believe because the author “appears” real; which they shouldn’t.

2. The Author Who Failed at MLM

When someone has failed at what they write or talk about, it is common for them to be critical (inclined to find fault with) of the activity and those who do the activity. Why? Because something about the subject is a complete mystery to them and they feel a little [or a lot] inadequate. They obviously couldn’t figure out some part of it – otherwise they wouldn’t have failed!

As an example, let’s take a person who tried MLM but didn’t succeed at it. Because he has a little knowledge about the subject he can say, “I’ve done MLM and it doesn’t work!” He’ll typically state “what’s hard,” “wrong,” or “dangerous” about MLM Why? Because he never figured it out and someone who succeeds at it proves his inadequacy on the subject of MLM

His worst nightmare is people succeeding at MLM. If he knew exactly why he failed at it, he may zero in on that part and write (or state) negatively about it. Perhaps he’d talk about how the upline makes all the money (which is the same in every industry). But normally he doesn’t know why he failed so he tries to make EVERYTHING about MLM wrong – including anyone who does MLM.

Warning: There are always more people who fail than succeed at every activity – so the general comments (written and spoken) on any activity will be negative. Now you know why someone would write, “so few people succeed at ______,” and then they go on and advise you, “not to do it.”

Do not take advice from people who’ve failed at what they author about – they have an axe to grind and they don’t want you to succeed at what they failed at. As if your success proves their inadequacy on the subject. The more people who succeed at it, the more fire-spitting mad they get about it. By the way, often they say things like, “I’m just trying to protect you.”


3. The Author Who Succeeded at MLM

If an author has done and succeeded at the activity they author about, they are a valuable asset to you and their advice is worthwhile. They know what is important and what’s not important about the subject.

Please notice there is a vast difference between someone who has been “educated” on a subject versus someone who can DO the subject successfully. Just because a person has studied a subject, doesn’t mean they can do it. A beautician can study all about hair – that doesn’t mean she can cut hair. A psychiatrist may have been able to listen to her teachers and may have been able to read the required text books and may have even been able to pass a state board examination on the subject – but can she fix another person’s problems? If she can’t, don’t take her advice!

A student who has been educated on a subject has only proven that she can be a successful student. She has not proven she can DO THE SUBJECT. So don’t be snowed by someone who says, “I’ve been a student of the industry for 23 years.” They have not proven they can actually do MLM.

Author type number three is the person you should accept advice from on any subject you’re researching. If you want to fail, take advice from one who has failed.

In a nutshell, those people who have never done MLM and those who have failed at it are the ones who have created the bad public relations and have confused people about the industry.

If a person listens to author type number one or two and hears something “bad,” they should ask author type number three about it. Author type three (the person who has succeeded at it) can put everything into perspective.

I hope this helps you to understand where the bad public relations comes from and how you can correct it.
Never Ever Quit, quitting is for loosers