Controlling And Eliminating Stress

How Can we Control or Eliminate Stress

Working from home, building an online Business, or working a bricks and Mortar Business can at the best of times can be empowering, liberating, exciting and profitable. At the worst times they can be anxiety-ridden, stifling, and stressful.
There is no such thing as good stress or bad stress. STRESS is still STRESS. As business owners/or developers we need to recognise stress and put procedure’s into place so as to eliminate our stress and the stress on our staff. Knowing how to recognize and be proactive in dealing with stress is an important part of a successful career path for any professional networker and or business owner.
As your Business starts to become successful and you become more in demand, it is very easy to slip into early stages of Stress.
As I was starting up my own Business of which I become CEO of a few years later, having 2 young boys active in all sports and school, I realised very early the importance of becoming organised, selecting the most important tasks to do first and leaving til tomorrow the ones not so important, not leaving everything to the last minute, to mention a few.
There are several reason why business owners may become stressed.

1. You’re stressed because you don’t set priorities.
2. You’re stressed because you don’t manage your time efficiently.
3. You’re stressed because you can’t say no.
6. You’re stressed because you get sucked into the TV/e-mail/blog-reading trap.
7. You’re stressed because you don’t delegate.
8. You’re stressed because you don’t take care of yourself or your health.
9. You’re stressed because you don’t have a support system.
Many other reasons both personal and professional can cause Stress.

Set Your Priorities
Sound all too familiar?
Setting priorities can easily be a solution, because when you have a list of priorities and goals you have a map for your future.
Set one or two business objectives each month and a main goal for the year. Obviously, your main goals when working your business online or bricks and mortar, are going to be gaining new products, customers and recruiting new team members/distributors to your team. These 2 activities: product sales and recruiting.
Set a reasonable and obtainable goal for both of these activities and plan to focus your time on tasks related to achieving them
Here’s a great process for breaking down a large objective into daily, weekly, and monthly priorities:
Start with your yearly objective. Ask yourself,
1. What would have to happen this month to achieve this objective?
2. What would have to happen this week?
3. What would have to happen today?
Once you have defined what needs to happen each day, week, month, and quarter, put those items on your calendar and to-do list and put a big star next to them. Now you know what has to be completed every day before you start answering phone calls or emails.

Manage Time Effectively
Now that you have worked out what your priorities are and have time allocated to that each day, it is not all that has to be done when running your own business. There is the filing, ordering of supplies, paying Invoices, organising staff training and so on.
I found by writing everything down on a list helped me to put everything into perspective, it doesn’t matter if they are big projects, little five minute tasks, or anything, put it all on paper. When you see your thoughts on paper, you can then begin sorting and prioritizing.

Keep track of how long a task takes you
We tend to over estimate how long it takes us to complete unpleasant tasks, and under estimate how long we spend on pleasant items. Get real by writing down the actual time it takes you to do things like file papers, log receipts, and any other tedious task. Then you have a concrete estimate the next time you think, “Oh, that’s going to take all day”

Minimize interruptions
Turn off your email alert noise, put your phone ringer on mute, and clear your desktop before you jump into a task that requires concentration. Fewer interruptions and distractions allow you to get into concentrating. That means you’ll get your work done faster and you will be less stressed. Constant interruptions ultimately result in needing to re-prioritize your day, over and over and over again. You can see how the stress you feel just keeps escalating without minimizing the interruptions each day.

Break down large projects
Big projects can be really overwhelming. When faced with a large project, break it up into smaller tasks that you can complete in one sitting, preferably in under 20 minutes. That way, instead of looking for a free afternoon to tackle the project all at once, you just need to squeeze in 20 minutes here and there until the project is completed.

Take Advantage Of Lost Time
How many times while working do we get up and walk away from what we are doing to have a 5 minute or longer break.
Be honest with yourself now. Commonly known as dead time. It could be waiting in the school car park waiting for your children to finish school, waiting in line at the post office or waiting to take a cake out of the oven or for the kettle to boil. Keep a notebook with a running list of tasks that can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

One thing on my 5 minute task list is to keep in touch with family and friends. Many times I rang my family and friends while waiting in the school car park while waiting for my Son to finish school. Each time you have some of this dead time look at your 5 minute to do list, and do just one thing on that list. You will be surprised how quickly to get rid of all those little tasks that can add to your daily pressures.

Get Back in Control

Running your own business either bricks or mortar or online business bring us a great sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. Having learnt how to reduce some of the work stress and pressures, put on ourselves everyday it is important to recognise the stress we put on ourselves by our own expectations of ourselves and our own work performance and management. As business owners and entrepreneurs we pride ourselves on being able to take charge and drive ourselves to getting the job done, therefore quiet often putting enormous stress and pressure on ourselves.

Never allow yourself to lose control and stay focused on the moment.
Stress comes when we stop focusing on the here and now and start ruminating over the horrible things we wish hadn’t happened yesterday, or about the horrible things we fear will happen tomorrow. By grounding ourselves in the present moment, we will find we’re still alive, still functioning, and still able to make decisions. Once we lose sight of that fact, though, the stress seeps in. This may be difficult for some people, because they don’t believe they can control their thoughts. And my favourite, repeating over and over again positive phrases and thoughts, can also give you the confidence to stay in control.

Stress also comes when we are afraid we can’t handle the major issues we’ve created for ourselves, when we doubt our own ability. If our supplies don’t arrive tomorrow. Then What? If all our staff came down with a virus at the same time. Then What? Well having a risk assessment done up you would already have in place procedures for handling these scenarios therefore eliminating any stress. There is always a solution to every problem, we just have to be prepared to look for it.

Simple daily planning along with your to do lists such as:-
Decide how many team members you’ll speak with each day.
Decide how many hours a week you will devote to training.
Determine how many phone calls you’ll make to that prospect who can’t make up their mind, and stick to it.

There are many things that can cause us stress, the important thing is to recognise you are stressed, and try to find out what created that stress. Once you know that you can work on getting rid of that stress straight away.

You Can Do It.