Simple Steps To Building Your Business


1. What Time Of The Day Do Your Work Best

Not everyone can work when and where they want to. Some people are more productive and more work attentive in the mornings, while other may be this in the afternoon and evening. It is important for you to know the best time for you to work so that you can then start to plan your work days meeting etc.
You can easily split up your work days too so you may do you’re on the road work in the morning, leave the afternoon free for future planning and training and do the office work at night. This was the one I preferred, I found there was less phone call interruptions at night so my office duties took me half of the time if I had of tried to do them in the middle of the day. Also if you are doing office work in the middle of the day in a busy time if you are interrupted from doing something and you get called away when you come back it is hard to pick up where you left off and then try to continue. This is where often errors are made. So best to choose a quiet time or place to do this tasks each day.

2. Using A Diary

Keeping a Diary will keep you on tract of your time allowing you to see where more activities can be added in your day or in the following weeks and months. This way you eliminate wasted time.
IMPORTANT- Make sure you get into the habit of using and entering everything into your diary, phone calls you need to make, meetings, office time, personal or family commitments, even your free time.

When choosing a diary avoid buying one with just a small space for each day, try to find the money to buy a diary with a full page for each day with every 30 minute entries or every hour entries. That way you can see exactly what spare time you have helps you to stick to your plan and helps you to manage your time wisely.

I then incorporate my each days To DO List into each day of my Diary. Some diaries have a notes section where you can write your daily To Do List’s however I use little stick it notes and stick it or paper clip it to the top of each diary page, because these are my 5 or 10 most important things I need to do on that day. They should also be written into your diary at the time you are doing that taske. Anything not completed on your To Do List should be carried over to the next day’s To DO List but should now be on the Top of that list. Your To Do List cannot be made up too far ahead but should be reviewed the day before to make sure nothing has come along that is more important. If you feel you are not managing to do all the things on your To Do List then try cutting it down to just 5 or 3 each day until you learn how to use them confidently.

3. Making Your Business A Commitment

Be prepared to eat, sleep, think, your business. If you have that desire to be successful in your chosen business then you will find you will be thinking about it while you are eating sleeping, driving, playing relaxing every minute of the day your brain will be visualising it being successful, you will be seeing yourself working towards your dream, you will be planning your short and long term plans for your business. I have never been one to take holidays while building a business. I have ways put my Business family and staff a huge priority. I couldn’t afford to close my business for holidays, my clients wanted a commitment of supply to them so I just kept working building my business. This too is what you have to do. Once you have it all set up and staff fully trained, you will know when you are able to take time off and leave your staff to run things for you while you are away. Just remember there is always someone else wanting to jump into your shoes.
4. Manage Your Time Wisely

Many times you will be asked to do things for family, friends, relative’s, associates or customer’s. No one likes saying NO, but sometime it is necessary but if you must say NO, then try saying I can’t at the moment but how about we do this at such and such a time. See if you can come up with an alternative date and or time, or maybe schedule it in your quiet part of the day. Your family would rather have you without any interruptions, so make family time quality time, quantity time will not be important to your family, but they would rather the time that your spend with them to be quality time. Your customers will love to see you busy and committed to your business and will be happy for you to set a time and date to suit you both better. A little compromising goes a long way in this area.
5. Plan Head

People who fail to plan, plan to failCompleting a simple risk assessment can help you in your planning, in fact it will form the base of your business plan

I did have a Financial Advisor who I consulted when I got out of my league or when I needed more legal or formal advice. Other than that I did my own Business Plans and Risk Assessments because no one knew my Business like I did, I knew it better than anyone else, so why pay someone thousands of dollars to do yours for you. Doing it yourself you will find out so much about your business that you didn’t already know, also you will learn every aspect of your Business, you will learn every risk to your business that could prevent you from earning your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly income. Once you know what all those risks, you can then put proceedure’s into place so as to avoid any income loss.

I cannot stress this enough a good plan and a Risk Assessment is so crucial to your business, being a bricks and mortar business or online business. Your staff should also be made aware of any risks to your business.

I get many questions on this Risk Assessment so I can see myself putting together a special number of posts just on Risks assessment that will help everyone to complete their own Risk Assessment. I will start work on this next week so keep an eye out for this coming soon.

5 Simple steps and if you manage to master how to do these, then you will acquire wealth, not in money only but wealth in knowledge about your own business, staff respect and admiration, personal development, personal growth, you will be highly self-motivated, very positive, reassured just to mention a few rewarding benefits.